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SuccessVBEC: Making Vaughan Businesses Thrive

All businessmen and also would be entrepreneur’s who want to start a business, naturally want their businesse to thrive. In the City of Vaughan, businesses have higher chances to thrive not only through the efforts, skills and experience of business owners but also because of the Vaughan Business Enterprise Centre or VBEC.

VBEC provides a variety of services for business owners and starters that can help ensure that their business is going to thrive. These services deal with four areas: Consultation, Research, Programs and Workshops.

Consultation refers to business consultation wherein starters and even business owners are mentored and given advice about their business concerns. Starters can get advice on how they can successfully start a business in the city and business owners can get consultation about some problem areas in their business that they want to resolve. This helps businessmen gain more knowledge on how to run their business to success.

Research refers to Market Research wherein VBEC helps starters determine what could be the best business for them and what could be the hottest strategy that businessmen can apply for their business. Obviously, if you start the business right, then there is a higher chance for your business to thrive.

Programs refer to Youth Entrepreneurship Programs. VBEC also offers this service to allow business minded youths to gain knowledge about business and be moulded into great entrepreneurs in the future. This service can also allow the youth to get in touch with what business they should go into.

Workshops are also offered for business owners and starters to acquire business skills and learn the best strategies to apply for the business to thrive.

With all these services VBEC has in store for business owners and starters, it is no doubt something that could prepare Vaughan City businesses for success and since the centre is located in the Vaughan City Hall, there is no need to go elsewhere just to gain more business knowledge and skills.

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Economic Development Department

2141 Major Mackenzie Drive, Level 200
Vaughan, ON L6A 1T1
T. 905-832-8526

Vaughan Chamber of Commerce

City of Vaughan Businesses Benefit from VCC

Business HandshakeJust because you own a business already does not mean that no issues will arise and affect your business. Your profit may be big but if you lack stability, you could be swept away by the rising tide of factors that could pull your business down. But, if you are a City of Vaughan businessman, whether you own a small business or a big one, your business can go smoothly if you are a member of the VCC or the Vaughan Chamber of Commerce. Businesses in Vaughan benefit a lot from the VCC because of three main reasons.

First, the VCC gives businessmen the opportunity to air out some issues they are facing that has great effect on the business. In other words, the business sector can have a voice to use for the welfare of their business. Whether the issue involves the government, leaders, consumers, etc., the VCC serves as a channel so that all these issues can be addressed and dealt with as quickly and as nicely as it should be. In other words, businesses can be one with the leaders in creating a policy that would benefit all important sectors in the community.

Second, the VCC serves as a kind of support group for all businesses in the City of Vaughan .If your business is experiencing a crisis, there will be a community ready to support you. In other words, healthy competition is promoted instead of destructive competition.

And lastly, the VCC is not only focused on the business sector’s welfare. It is also one with the city in promoting culture through its collaboration with cultural groups. This is something that would benefit the business sector since if the city is promoted and many tourists travel to Vaughan City, your business could also be promoted.

Overall, Vaughan City businesses can benefit from the Vaughan Chamber of Commerce as it unites the business sector to all the other sectors of the community in a way that the needs of every businessman can be addressed.